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Antique and period jewelry – April 16, 2019

This class is is part of the Gemology program at Santiago Canyon College. The course covers periods, styles, manufacturing techniques, and values of the jewelry from the late Georgian period through Mid-Century Modern. Ms. Cinamon is a leading authority on antique and collectible jewelry. You will benefit from information which has taken over fifteen years of continuous research. You will likely not find another antique jewelry appraiser or specialist who continues to contribute to their knowledge base with the same level of dedication.

  • You will learn that an antique or vintage piece is not valuable because of its age, alone. Some types of jewelry are more collectible than others and will sell for more.
  • You will learn the elements of a well constructed antique jewelry appraisal. This class is designed for the non-gemologist, but certainly an industry background will help in the indentification and valuation process.
  • This class has lots of handouts, lots and lots of beautiful jewelry. Every class has a guided, "hands-on" workshop.
  • For an example of the type of information covered in this class, visit the Jewelry Tips page for a few identification pointers. Find out what you can discover with just a pen light . You will learn how to tell the difference between elephant ivory, mammoth ivory, and walrus ivory, as well ivory substitutes.
  • Since Ms. Cinamon is the author of your textbook, you will be receiving instruction from a leading authority in the antique jewelry industry.

Jewelry class excerpts

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