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Diana Cinamon a certified appraiser in Orange, CA

Be sure to visit the Appraisal Services page to learn about our "gift with purchase" offer.


All About Antique Silver with International Hallmarks, Diana Sanders Cinamon. This little silver book is prominently referenced on numerous sites on the Internet. Visit the Silver Tips page for a complete list.

If you can measure your gemstone, be sure to visit the Jewelry ID page. There is a link to a gem-weight calculator from dendritics at the bottom of the page. (Here's a quick tip: the diameter of a No. 2 pencil eraser is about the same size as a one carat, round-brilliant diamond.)

Visit the Classes and Events page for more information about gemology classes taught by Ms. Cinamon at Santiago Canyon College, in Orange, CA.

Diana Sanders Cinamon is a published author and personal property appraiser. She has written two books, one about antique silver the other about antique jewelry. She is considered to be a leading authority on both subjects and brings this level of expertise to every antique appraisal and every contents appraisal. She also teaches appraisal theory at Santiago Canyon College.

Ms. Cinamon is an IRS qualified and certified appraiser, complying with all USPAP requirements. We also offer appraisal guidelines for estate planning and donation appraisals.

In most cases, only a portion of your contents actually require an appraisal. This applies to most insurance appraisals, estate appraisals, and divorce appraisals.

There are many different types of personal property appraisals and different types of personal property. Antique appraisals, jewelry appraisals, silver appraisals, and fine art appraisals are just a small part of our certified appraisal services.

Please call toll free to talk about your appraisal needs and our appraisal services and appraisal fees at:

(877) 255-5445

We do not buy. It is a conflict of interest for an antique appraiser to appraise and offer to buy. It is considered unethical in our profession. Click on the link below for some suggested sales venues: Selling your antique and vintage items.

antique appraisal by a certified appraiser


"They don't call them second-hand, they call them antiques" - Harper's Magazine, April 1903.



Don't have a gold scale? Use a postal scale. There are 28.3495 grams in a postal ounce.


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The Background image is modified from an antique Renaissance world map produced in 1565 by Paolo Forlani. All of the background images are "themed" to the page topic. We hope you will take some time to enjoy them. Be sure and visit the "Appraise-it-Yourself" page for identification tips along with sources for values. copyright 2014, Specialty Appraisals


We service the southern California (ca) area. Our primary service locations in Orange County, ca include: Orange, Anaheim, Huntington Beach, Irvine, and surrounding cities. Our primary service locations in Los Angeles County, ca include: Los Angeles, Encino, Woodland Hills, and Glendale (also includes surrounding cities). Our service locations in San Bernardino County, ca includes: San Bernardino, Chino Hills, Redlands, Riverside and nearby locations in the Coachella Valley. Please feel free to call us about services in your area.


Since we research values of your personal property appraisal in your market using the Internet, your appraisal will reflect conditions in your local area. We recognize that prices are not the same in Palm Springs as they are in Newport Beach, even though studies show that our clients often maintain residences in more than one location. We do not charge for travel time to most major cities in the Southern California (CA) area which includes other areas like Riverside County, the Coachella Valley, the Conejo Valley, and the San Gabriel Valley.  Whether you live in Calabasas or Burbank the price for our appraisal services is the same.  We do not charge any more for personal property appraisals in Pasadena than we do for Claremont. It is all part of our southern California service area. Some areas like Temecula or Wildomar, have very few, if any antique appraisers. As long as our minimum appraisal fees are met, we will drive to your location and there is no charge for travel time. We can often book two appraisals in one day. This minimizes the actual travel time if for example we have one appraisal in Rancho Cucamonga and the other in Upland. Some areas are less densely populated, like San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. People in cities like Corona and Eastvale understand that services like antique appraisals might not be available. It would not be unusual for clients in these areas to use the services of a certified appraiser in Orange, Ca. Certain areas like Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, and Lake Arrowhead are seasonal communities and will rarely have a full-time certified appraiser in their area. The Conejo Valley is another area whose population is spread out. Many areas are farming communities, so potential clients in Moorpark understand that hiring an appraiser in Simi Valley or even as far east as Westlake Village, might be the closest location for a certified appraiser.